Un réseau de drones automatiques au port d’Anvers

Le Soir, February 18, 2022

SkeyDrone, la filiale commune de Skeyes et de Brussels Airport, fait partie du projet de développement d’une base de drones automatiques sélectionné par le port d’Anvers. Au sein d’un consortium avec Proximus et DroneMatrix, l’objectif est de développer
un réseau de drones automatiques au service du port : détection des nappes de pétrole et des débris flottants, inspection des infrastructures, coordination de la sécurité, soutien à la gestion du trafic maritime, soutien en cas de catastrophe ou d’incident, suivi des chantiers, inspections environnementales… Ce projet répond au nom de « D-Hive – Capacité opérationnelle de drones pour le port d’Anvers ». Les drones devraient opérer au départ d’une plateforme unique sur la base de plans de vols créés à distance en fonction des opérations (photos, mesures…).



Port of Antwerp selects 6th NeTWorK for automatic drones

Steenokkerzeel, February 16, 2022

The Antwerp Port Authority has selected the 6th NeTWorK consortium, a collaboration between DroneMatrix, Proximus and SkeyDrone, for the roll-out of a large-scale and innovative drone project.

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Brussels Airport becomes 50% shareholder in SkeyDrone, the drone innovation company launched by skeyes in 2020

Steenokkerzeel, October 19, 2021

Brussels Airport Company and skeyes signed today an agreement whereby Brussels Airport will become a 50% shareholder in SkeyDrone, a subsidiary of skeyes. SkeyDrone offers a range of services that enable safe and efficient drone operations. With this acquisition, Brussels Airport intends to play an active role in the drone technology developments and in the provision of drone services to various industries in Belgium and abroad..

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Brussels Airport and skeyes test safety drone and drone detection system

Steenokkerzeel, April 1, 2021

Brussels Airport and skeyes are testing the operational use of drones at and around the airport this week. In a secure environment, an innovative safety drone is deployed, which can be controlled from a large distance to find out how drones can increase the safety, security and efficiency of airport operations. In addition, a drone detection system is being tested to detect unwanted drones, as these are not allowed in normal circumstances at and around the airport.

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SkeyDrone expands its range with the Unifly and Senhive product lines

Steenokkerzeel, March 29, 2021

The demand for deploying drones for various applications continues to grow steadily. As a subsidiary of skeyes, the Belgian air traffic controller for manned flights, SkeyDrone takes the lead in the safe and efficient integration of drones into our airspace. By entering into a strategic and commercial partnership with leading technology companies Unifly and Senhive, SkeyDrone is strengthening its ambitions to become the reference Belgian provider of information services for drone operators and authorities.. Read more >

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Europe launches large-scale demonstrations for medical drones

Safir-Med Project, Published  February 3, 2021

Drones are emerging as a viable solution for urgent and reliable medical transport. SAFIR-Med, a recently-launched U-space large-scale innovation project will demonstrate how drones can be used to support Europe’s healthcare system to accelerate the adoption of drones into the healthcare system in a safe, sustainable and socially acceptable way. Read more >

Europe-wide urban air mobility demonstrations get off the ground

in bid for greener future

SESAR Joined Undertaking, Published  January 28, 2021

Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK will host a series of large-scale live demonstrations on urban air mobility, as part of CORUS-XUAM – a freshly launched project within the framework of SESAR Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU) and Horizon Europe 2020 programme.

The discussion surrounding the future of logistics and transportation comes with an important question: How can more people and packages move in and around cities – through point-to-point flights, by-passing ground congestion and with shorter journey times, while meeting the goal of decarbonising cities? Read more >

Belgium’s drone service application supports integrated drone operations in line with new European regulations

 Unmanned Airspace news

Belgium air navigation service provider skeyes and its subsidiary Skeydrone have drafted a new concept of operations for the handling of drones by skeyes air traffic services units in anticipation of the new European regulation (EU IR 2019/947) that comes into force from 31 December 2020. This regulation provides a new framework for the use of drones in different types of airspace, most notably in low-level airspace. Read more >

Skeyes lance Drone Service Application, une plateforme numérique pour planifier les vols de drones dans les zones sous son contrôle

La Libre Eco avec Belga. Publié le – Mis à jour le 

En Belgique, le gestionnaire de l’espace aérien Skeyes a développé une plateforme numérique pour planifier les vols de drones. Elle sera disponible dès le 31 décembre, date de l’entrée en vigueur d’une nouvelle réglementation européenne pour les drones.

Manned and unmanned air traffic safe in the hands of skeyes

Steenokkerzeel, December 22, 2020

The new European Regulation for drones will change the airspace for good. This will have a major impact on air traffic control as well. skeyes and its subsidiary Skeydrone have been preparing for this moment for a long time and are ready to take up their role in a new era of aviation, guaranteeing the safety of all air traffic.

New platform allows drone-use on demand for business applications.

Brussels, November 19, 2020

Proximus, Skeydrone and DroneMatrix have recently joined forces to develop an integrated platform, allowing drones to perform on-demand missions for business purposes. This platform is called the ‘6th NeTWorK’. After a first phase of commercial and technical testing, if successful, the three partners will bring this service to the market in a B2B environment before the end of 2021.

Skeydrone focust op onbemand luchtverkeer

Steenokkerzeel, January 24, 2020

Skeyes richt een dochtermaatschappij op waarin het al zijn activiteiten rond drones samenbrengt. Het bedrijf zet zo weer een stap vooruit in haar dronestrategie en wil een vooraanstaande dienstverlener blijven in een opkomende sector.

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