Lower Airspace Authorisation Tools

Safely integrate drones and special air activities

The increasing presence of drones and special air activities such as hot air balloons, fireworks or parachutes enhance the risk of collisions in the lower airspace. To ensure the overall safety of the airspace environment, SkeyDrone’s lower airspace authorisation tools safely integrate drones and special air activities into controlled airspace where an encounter with crewed aviation is possible.

SkeyDrone’s lower airspace authorisation tools encompass both a UAS Traffic Management (UTM) component and a special air activities component. This integrated system empowers every user, from geo-zone managers (including Air Navigation Service Providers) to drone operators or activity organisers and even Civil Aviation Authorities, with a unified and comprehensive situational awareness of the airspace.

SkeyDrone's Lower Airspace Authorisation Platform

SkeyDrone’s Lower Airspace Authorisation solution is active in all military geo-zones in Belgium and in all controlled airspaces managed by skeyes. Since the launch of the UTM part in 2021, there’s been an annual 30% increase in authorised UAS operations, up to 18.500 in 2023. Additionally, 1.000 special air activities requests are processed yearly.

Four modules are available:

Plan your flight/activity

Manage authorisation

Perform a safe operation

Control operations

Watch this video to learn more about the UTM application we implemented at skeyes or read the press release.

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