Drone Detection as-a-Service

Detect to protect your facility against unauthorised drones

Unauthorised drones flying above facilities with critical assets pose a significant threat to organisations, including industrial plants, airports, prisons, and sports stadiums. These rogue drones can engage in malicious activities, unauthorised surveillance, or even espionage, posing a serious risk to security.

In order to effectively safeguard critical business assets, it’s crucial for organisations to detect drone activities within their airspace. This is where SkeyDrone’s Drone Detection as-a-Service solution comes into play. Our cutting-edge technology enables you to not only detect drones, but even distinguish between authorised and unauthorised drones, providing a proactive approach to airspace security.

Our Drone Detection as-a-Service solution has been successfully deployed at large music festivals such as Tomorrowland, where 12 illegal drones were confiscated by the local police in 2023.

Our drone detection solution seamlessly integrates two hardware components – the SENID+ sensor and the SkeyBox – with two powerful software applications: Drone Radar for immediate real-time detection and Drone Analytics for comprehensive historical analysis and reporting.


Software: Drone Radar

Software: Drone Analytics

Our solution was awarded at the ATM 2023 awards in the category “Integration of drones/AAM”.

Download the solution sheet or watch our on-demand webinar if you want to learn more about our Drone Detection as-a-Service offering.


Drone Detection Report
May 2024 – Brussels Region

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