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U-space services enable drones safe, efficient, and secure access to airspace. These services rely on a high level of digitalisation and automation of functions and specific procedures. U-space is designed to facilitate any kind of routine mission, in all classes of airspace and all types of environment – even the most congested – while addressing an appropriate interface with crewed aviation and air traffic control. 

Within the European Union, U-space Service Providers (USSPs) are required to provide four mandatory services to drone operators in U-space: Traffic Information Service, Network Identification Service, Flight Authorisation Service and Geo-awareness. SkeyDrone offers the following services:

Traffic Information Service to Detect & Avoid

By combining multiple sources such as radar data and SkeyDrone’s detection network, our traffic information service provides unparalleled situational awareness. Our cutting-edge software, SkeyDrone Monitor, delivers a comprehensive air picture, displaying both crewed and uncrewed traffic, empowering you to navigate with confidence.

ADLC is using our Traffic Information Service to transport petrochemical samples from a plant in the north of Antwerp to a laboratory 14 km south, partially entering the controlled airspace of Antwerp Airport.

To learn more about our Traffic Information Service, download the solution sheet or read the ADLC case study.

Network Information Service to Elevate your Visibility

By extracting location data from a drone operator, our telemetry API enables drone pilots to see themselves flying in all circumstances, ensuring them to remain visible in any scenario.

Flight Authorisation Service to be Standby to Fly

By automating and front-ending authorisation requests in the Port of Antwerp-Bruges, we automate and expedite authorisation requests, simplifying the authorisation process and eliminating the need for manual intervention. Enjoy the freedom to fly as we seamlessly grant you the green light to take flight.

SkeyDrone conducted the first fully automated BVLOS flight at the active airport of DronePort Sint-Truiden to execute a remote aerodrome perimeter inspection from our own ops room.
Watch the video to witness this scoop and learn how this is possible in the pre-U-space era.

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