Revolutionising Petrochemical Sample Transport with Drones

About ADLC

ADLC is a start-up specialised in drone delivery services, specifically targeting the B2B industrial sector. Their commitment is to transform operational efficiency by enabling ultra-fast delivery of goods in industries where time, cost and emissions are critical.

Safely transporting petrochemical samples by drone

Transporting petrochemical samples from a plant in the north of the Port of Antwerp to a laboratory 14 km south was a cumbersome process. Road-based vans encountered daily challenges such as traffic congestion, bridge openings, and natural barriers. ADLC now offers a faster, more efficient solution with the introduction of a heavy-duty VTOL Fixed Wing drone. By switching to drone transport, ADLC has achieved remarkable improvements:


ADLC’s drone transporting a petrochemical sample from the plant to the laboratory

Beyond Visual Line Of Sight Operations

Given the 14 km trajectory, the drone flights are conducted Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS), meaning the drone pilot operates the drone from a remote control room. According to the European drone legislation, BVLOS operations fall under the ‘specific’ category, requiring an operational authorisation and a comprehensive risk assessment (‘SORA’) to demonstrate adequate mitigation of ground and air risks.

The flight path traverses the airspace of the Port of Antwerp, one of Europe’s busiest airspaces for drone traffic, and partially enters the controlled airspace of Antwerp Airport. Thus, mitigating air risk is crucial.

BVLOS flights are conducted from the ADLC control room

Enhancing safety with SkeyDrone’s Traffic Information Service

To support safe BVLOS operations, ADLC turned to SkeyDrone’s Traffic Information Service (TIS). This service aids operators in evaluating air risk situations in-flight and making informed decisions. SkeyDrone’s TIS combines multiple data sources, including Mode S radars, ADS-B receivers and SkeyDrone’s drone detection network, to provide unparalleled situational awareness.

Through the SkeyDrone Monitor application, the operator receives a comprehensive air traffic picture, displaying both crewed and uncrewed traffic. This empowers the operator to navigate the drone with confidence, ensuring the highest levels of safety.

Rayan Quintaes

Managing Director

ADLC is the first company in Europe approved for transporting petrochemical samples by drone and the first company worldwide to do so within a port in a non-segregated controlled airspace. During our BVLOS flights, SkeyDrone’s TIS is indispensable to achieve real-time awareness of surrounding air traffic.


ADLC’s innovative use of drone technology for transporting petrochemical samples not only enhances speed and efficiency but also significantly reduces environmental impact. By leveraging advanced services like SkeyDrone’s TIS, ADLC ensures the highest safety standards, setting a new benchmark for the industry.

Lean more about SkeyDrone’s Traffic Information Service here.

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