Webinar recording: Protect your facility or event against unauthorised drones

As the skies become increasingly populated with drones, ensuring safety and security has become a critical concern. From industrial facilities, (air)ports and prisons to outdoor events, the need for robust drone detection capabilities cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, traditional security measures often fall short in detecting and mitigating the risks posed by unauthorised drones.

  • How real is the problem of unauthorised drones above critical infrastructures and public events?
  • What is anno 2024 the most effective solution to counter this problem?

Watch this webinar recording to learn how SkeyDrone’s Drone Detection as-a-Service offering can protect the airspace above your facility or outdoor event from unauthorised drones through real-world examples and demonstrations. Unlike cumbersome on-premise solutions, SkeyDrone’s unique Drone Detection as-a-Service delivers seamless integration, advanced analytics and real-time alerts, empowering security professionals, facility managers, and government officials to fortify their defense against airborne threats.
Whether you’re tasked with securing critical infrastructure or ensuring the safety of outdoor events, this webinar equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to mitigate risks and maintain airspace integrity.

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