SkeyDrone facilitates operational risk assessment for first powerline inspection by long-range BVLOS drone.

Elia tests long-range drone flight, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS), for power lines inspection with operator Vansteelandt.
SkeyDrone controls operational risk by monitoring and alerting against other air traffic nearby.

Elia tests long-range BVLOS drone flight for power lines inspection

        Elia owns over 19.000 kilometers of powerlines in Belgium and Germany

       These powerlines demand regular inspection for operational security

        Drones offer the ability to execute these in a more efficient, secure, and ecological way


Risk analysis and flight authorization

In order to allow Elia to inspect their powerlines using long-distance flights with BVLOS drones (beyond visual line of sight) operator Vansteelandt had to obtain the necessary flight authorizations. SkeyDrone assisted EuroUSC in achieving the authorization for this first, long-distance BVLOS drone inspection in Belgium. The inspection flights had to adhere to stringent risk mitigation rules that were required on top of the existing rules for BVLOS flights.

SkeyDrone’s integrated traffic management solution

SkeyDrone UTM (unmanned traffic management) solution provides the tools to monitor not only unmanned air traffic but integrates all manned air traffic into its monitor. This integrated SkeyDrone Monitor solution alerts against any air traffic, securing drone operations against any incidents it might encounter. Securing the skies and enabling safe drone operations, is the primary focus for SkeyDrone.

Scanning the skies

A number of strategically placed sensors from our technology partner Senhive scanned the airspace above the inspection area for any form of air traffic. Medical helicopters, skydiving teams, passenger aircraft, and military flights operating in the proximity of the inspection area were permanently visualized. Alerts were sent to the operator whenever any intrusion of the wider security perimeter was detected. In this way, the operator was alerted of any possible risks threatening the secure execution of its operation.

An all-time first for Belgium: long-range BVLOS powerline inspection drone flight!

From August 23rd to 25th 2021 more than 100km of high-voltage powerlines were inspected using a long-range BVLOS drone (SwissDrones).

With this test we successfully demonstrated how BVLOS flights can be safely performed in a complex environment. Next will be to evolve towards a scalable solution in view of the implementation of U-space in Belgium. Together with our partners, we have the ambition to further unlock the potential of drone technology in our society.        

Hendrik-Jan Van der Gucht  – Managing Director SkeyDrone

What services does SkeyDrone provide?

From the inception of SkeyDrone, a skeyes subsidiary, safe skies have been our first priority. With our flight authorization and monitoring software, SkeyDrone’s UTM (unmanned traffic management) services are aligned with the safety procedures of manned aviation.

Thanks to numerous European projects, we are helping to organize future unmanned air traffic in Europe.

If you’d like any more information about our services or any of the possibilities for managing drone traffic in your area of responsibility? Then please contact our offices. Based on a detailed needs analysis we’ll be happy to develop an integrated package solution tailored to your needs.

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