SkeyDrone Releases First Drone Detection Report

Steenokkerzeel, 5 June 2024 – SkeyDrone is proud to announce the release of its first public Drone Detection Report. The report offers a high-level analysis of the drone flights detected within the center of Brussels during the month of May 2024, based on SkeyDrone’s Drone Detection network.

The report provides crucial insights into various aspects of drone activity, including the types of drones used, frequency and timing of flights, duration, altitude, distance between drones and pilots, compliance with regulations as well as drone hotspots. It serves as a valuable resource for understanding the evolving drone landscape in the Brussels region, highlighting both opportunities and challenges for public and private stakeholders.

Key Findings:

  • Daily Flights: An average of 12 drone flights per day were detected.
  • Maximum Altitude: The highest recorded flight reached 1640 feet (500 meters) above ground level.
  • Pilot Distance: The furthest distance observed between a drone and its pilot was 997 meters.
  • Authorisation: Only a fraction of the detected drone flights had obtained the mandatory geozone flight authorisation.
  • Conformity: 74% of authorised flights at least partially conformed to their submitted flight plans.

SkeyDrone plans to release similar reports for other regions in Belgium, providing continuous monitoring and insights into drone activities nationwide.

Hendrik-Jan Van Der Gucht, Managing Director at SkeyDrone, comments: “This report provides undeniable evidence of the growing presence of drones in the Brussels region. Our findings underscore the need for continued investments in advanced detection systems, collaboration with public authorities, and public awareness campaigns on drone legislation.”

The report is available for download here. For further inquiries about this report, or to request a customized report for a specific period or region, contact


About SkeyDrone

SkeyDrone is a joint venture between the Belgian Air Navigation Service Provider skeyes and Brussels Airport Company. The company’s mission is to provide end-to-end solutions for business needs related to the use of uncrewed aircraft (drones). SkeyDrone offers solutions for lower airspace monitoring, management of and protection against drones for authorities and geo-zone managers, UTM/U-space & consultancy services for drone operators and business integration services for companies. Playing a pivotal role in the implementation of U-space in Belgium, SkeyDrone is on track to make history by becoming one of the first U-space service providers in Europe.

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