SkeyDrone’s Drone Radar: Ensuring Safety and Security at Festivals

Festivals have long attracted large crowds seeking entertainment and cultural experiences. However, alongside festival-goers, drone pilots have emerged as a distinct group of enthusiasts who capture aerial views and document the vibrant atmosphere from a unique perspective. Nevertheless, the expansion of drones has also raised concerns about public safety and security, particularly at major events like festivals.

Unauthorized drone flights can disrupt the overall event operations, causing potential risks such as collisions with structures or people, interference with performances or stage equipment, invasion of privacy, and even the possibility of drones falling from the sky and injuring festival goers. Consequently, it has become crucial for festival organizers to implement effective drone detection systems and protocols to manage these risks. 

In compliance with the legal framework established by the Belgium Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) for drone operations, it is explicitly prohibited to fly drones over assemblies of people in any category. This regulation prioritizes the safety and security of individuals and aims to minimize hazards and incidents arising from drone activities in densely populated areas. 


Enforcing this law requires the implementation of robust monitoring and surveillance mechanisms. One such tool is the SkeyDrone Drone Detection as a Service, a state-of-the-art technology specifically designed for drone detection and monitoring. By integrating various detection technologies, the Drone Radar can effectively detect, visualize, and track drones in real-time. Through extensive testing and integration with the new SENID+ hardware developed by Senhive, SkeyDrone has achieved remarkable results, particularly in and around some of the busiest and most congested airports, seaports, critical infrastructure sites in Belgium. These positive outcomes make the Drone Radar an ideal choice for festival organisers o law enforcement seeking to enhance safety and security during their events. 


One of the notable advantages of SkeyDrone’s Drone Radar is its ability to integrate with the Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) systems operated by different kind of UAS Geographical Zone managers like for instance an Air Traffic Control unit in controlled airspace. This integration enables the Drone Radar to consider flight authorizations for drones within designated Geozones, and differentiating them between authorized and unauthorized drone activities. This crucial distinction allows festival organizers and security staff to identify drones that have received permission to operate and those that pose an imminent threat to the event’s safety. 


 As the popularity of drones continues to rise, the risks associated with their misuse and unauthorized flights also increase. By leveraging SkeyDrone’s Drone Radar, festival organizers can ensure the safe and efficient operation of their events while mitigating potential security threats. The capability to detect and track drones in real-time empowers security personnel to respond swiftly and effectively, reducing the risks of disruptions and enhancing the overall festival experience for attendees. 


The implementation of smart drone detection systems, such as SkeyDrone’s Drone Radar, becomes paramount for event organizers, ensuring the well-being and enjoyment of festival attendees.  


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